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bymjriding, November 2, 2012
I'll keep this short. Our organization has been working to find a good document management and file download system for a long time. We began to use DocMan 1.6 and found that it "almost" had what we wanted, but there were just a few limitations that we could not live with given the size of our implementation. Enter ... DocMan 2.0.

I installed DocMan 2.0 and was immediately relieved to see multiple folders/subfolders for files and images. Drag & Drop, SEF urls to documents and a simplified interface.

There's not a lot of documentation available as it is still in Beta, so i've had to ask support for some help. You've probably read about it before, but DocMan support is phenomenal. I had answers to three questions in less time with the DocMan team than I've had with a single question anywhere else.

DocMan 2.0 will only get better. I'm so impressed with it so far that I'm considering moving to it in our production environment even though it is in Beta. I know installing beta software for use in a production environments is a no-no, but in our case, we have no other viable options that work like DocMan 2.0 does, so we're taking the plunge. We'll keep you posted.

Great job JoomlaTools on both the product and support!