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bymjs23112005, February 6, 2011
Event Booking
The extension was great and ideal for what we were looking for. It would have been great except for the lack of support. For some reason, maybe a mistake by us, the extension when used at the back end crashes the whole of the browser. I have sent severla emails asking for help with this but have had no reply, we do have copies of emails sent!! Its a shame as we will have to look for another simalar extension and pay again!
Owner's reply

Hi mjs23112005

It seems your email was sent to me during our new year holiday (Vietnamese Lunar new year - just ended last week)and I could not reply you because of the limit internet connection (I was at home with my family to celebrate the new year with limit internet connection). Forgive me for not be able to reply you and provide support !

For now, If you still want to use the extension (I believe this is a very nice extension), please email me one more time (I remember that I saw your email somewhere but I could not find it because I have serveral emails address listed on my site and not sure which one you sent to - there are many emails I received per day) .

For other customers, If you are looking for support from me, please :

1. Submit a support ticket on my site. That's the best way because I can have a record of the support ticket and makes sure you always get answered

2. Send email to my "offical" email . In case you don't get response from me, try to send it to me one more time .

3. Post your questions on my forum .

4. You can always contact me via chat clients : Skype, YM, MSN or Gtalk to get support directly .

Thanks and again, sorry mjs23112005 for the inconvenience. I am looking forward to receiving your email .