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bymjservicesbrisbane, July 30, 2013
Form2Content LITE
Good day is Giovanni from Brisbane Australia.

First at all :
- Excellent idea and extension
- Excellent support, Julien is a great programmer

I am using this extension for:
- create a form in the front end for submit data
- the data submitted are formatted with a style sheet
- the result is an article with a nice appearance

Also you can:
- create relationship between articles
- create links inside the articles

Case of use: Job Sheet
I have created a submission form for my employees for submit the job sheet.

The job sheet is divided in:
- Job sheet (with the description of the work and the data of the client)

- Job days (all the days of work and start finish hours)

- Job materials(all the materials used for the job with quantity and others info)

Job days and Job materials are linked with a relationship 1=>N to the Job Sheet.

First at all my employees have to create a job sheet.

Day by day they can add materials and working hours to their own job sheet.

Automatically at every modify all the data are re-printed and re formatted inside the articles.

So at any time I have all the data about a job inside my articles, and I can print it and use as invoice.

Try it, and You will see how easy is to store information and visualize it through an article.
CComment Pro
Good day, is Giovanni From Australia.

I will not spend time to say how much is good this extension, I want to tell you that the developer is professional, passionate to his project, he solved my problems in my web site in 5 minutes over the week end, and I have specified that was not urgent in the opened ticket!

Thanks thanks thanks