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bymkabir, April 8, 2011
OSE Membership™
This product is 5 stars all the way.

I installed it - carefully following their instructions and it works wonderfully. No glitches; no conflicts - just pure performance. I had a bit of trouble customized registration form and showing logo on sales receipt, so I send them couple of tickets. I have never experienced such a great support/help before - I am truly amazed!

This program is really worth every penny you paid for it. I am using this component one of my subscription based website.
Thanks Helix and his wonderful team!!
bymkabir, February 17, 2011
Article PXFont Size
It works perfectly as I expected it should be. Easy to install and nice to adjust. Thanks for giving us the nice plugin. One question-Is that possible to add more button color?


Mona Kabir
Owner's reply

- There are 4 different types of buttons
- Fast: You can modify any button(3 images!) and set the color you want.(for example with gimp.) -> very easy
- What color do you want the button?
Link to image: http://www.yoursite/plugins/content/articlepxfontsize_j15/mas01.png