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bymkane, December 12, 2009
BookLibrary Basic
I love this component. It is extremely easy to use once you figure out how to get your Amazon AWS key. That is no fault of their own that Amazon makes it so hard, but I recommend maybe including a link or instructions on where to get it.

I had a problem where I couldn't get it to fetch information from Amazon. I knew that the problem was hosting related because it worked on another site with a different host.

Nevertheless, Ordasoft gave me speedy and thorough support and got it working right. They could have been like many other component developers and told me to talk to my host, but I appreciate that they worked with me.

I have not purchased the premium version,but I plan to as soon as its financially feasible. It's not that expensive of a component, though.

If you can't get Ordasoft to work, just email them and/or check your php settings.