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bymkl9000, April 18, 2010
All Weblinks
The weblinks module, placed in banner2 position, is moved roughly 50 pixels too far to the LEFT side, beyond the border. I'd VERY much like this to be corrected - besides, it's a very useful extension, and i'll be using it in my next projects.

Picture and explanation at
bymkl9000, April 6, 2010
Rapid Contact
an easy to use module, although without any bells and whistles - but hey, sometimes you only need something simple.

It had a PHP deprecated error, but i mailed the author for help, and as soon as the easter vacation was over, he mailed me a new version which works. THAT's great support.
So the newest version of this extention is per 6th april 2010, look for that one.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your good words.
I haven't updated the extension's creation date, because this was just a fix.
Anyone should be able to download this from my website, now, if you get a deprecated error.
Thanks again