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bymkonop, April 21, 2013
Facebook Wall Feeds
Easy to install and configure. Great instructions were provided and were easy to follow.

Although I didn't have any trouble, the developer provided every possible way to contact him in case of trouble.
bymkonop, April 21, 2013
Sliding Image Links
Thank you for this plugin, which is simple to install and configure.

Exactly what I needed, and I will be sending you a donation.
bymkonop, August 4, 2011
ARI Magnifier
Easily configurable and customizable. Tool tips explain it all. Can be used for a gallery or on a single image, which is what I'm using it for. Really nice.
bymkonop, April 9, 2009
Shape 5 Weather
Once again, Shape5 delivers a clean, easy, functional extension.

I have switched to Shape5 templates for the same reasons. They deliver clean, easy, functional templates. I am a convert!
bymkonop, November 27, 2007
Page Peel Banner
It works! No wrestling with the code. It just works. A beautiful implementation. Thanks.