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bymksnz, November 8, 2013
Easy Frontend SEO
I was impressed the way it works but it doesn't support automatic meta data creation for Virtuemart and therefore completely useless for me. Can't manually add metadata for 10 000 products. Otherwise good extension.
Owner's reply

Your review makes no sense. You have to review the integrated features and not features that are not included. Where did you read that the automatic mode supports Virtuemart?

So, if we take your logic, then we can rate every extension in the JED down because of missing features. This is ridiculous!

Why do you destroy a good overall rating although you don't use the extension? If you really need such a feature, then contact me and sponsor this feature for the Joomla! community! I work without charge in my spare time and can not include every 3rd party extension to avoid such unfair reviews...

bymksnz, September 6, 2013
VM - Flexible Drop Down Cart
Extension does what its's supposed to do and support is fairly fast, but sometimes surprisingly rude.
Owner's reply

I am the owner of flexiblewebdesign, can you please give me more details about your experience with the support team ( I can guarantee you that that kind of thing will never happen again.

bymksnz, March 18, 2013
VM2 is a good and reliable extension for Joomla CMS.
Because it is an extension for Joomla, it's not for everybody as it takes more work to keep the system up and running properly, but for the same reason Joomla + Virtuemart can offer you much more than average shopping cart. I do not recommend it if you are looking for easiest system but if you are willing to spend some time with it, go ahead,It's free for goodness sake!
Migrations have always been troublesome.