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bymlbmarketinguk, July 26, 2012
VirtueMart Boh! Category Filter
Easy to install.
Fully reported category structure.
Worked as it says

It's not perfect, needs polishing, but the developer seems to be doing this with his updates.

Nearest other commercial plugin is priced at a hefty 60Euros although is further developed.

Overall a good plugin and at the price we can't complain!

Suggestions for future
- Set a level to which the menu is already collapsed e.g 3 boxes (allows for a 1-2-3 steps look)
- Allow a title for each level e.g Step 1 - Model and allow customization of box text
- BIG thing - integrate search results with joomla/virtuemart native SEF Urls OR allow an option that outputs a "No index" meta tag to results page so as not to flood google with dynamic Urls

I think one or two of these are being addressed, but after these, this could be perfect!