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bymlbracewell, June 17, 2013
Phoca Gallery
While I have been a fan of other Phoca products, I'm afraid this isn't working for me.

Installation seemed to go fine, but I can't even set up a category. I found this error dating back years on their forum. No time to mess with it, moving on.
Owner's reply

Hi, Phoca Gallery works on hundreds of thousands of pages without any such problem, which means, this is not a system problem (this means it is not a basic problem in Phoca Gallery)

Regarding this problem - just see the Phoca Forum - - there are some solved similar issues. Mostly this was caused by javascript conflict in administration - without any dependency to Phoca Gallery. Javascript conflict just disabled normal function of Joomla! button behaviour (to check the form and save the category)

Anyway I am open to help everybody (I have answered over 40.000 posts in different Joomla! forums - include Phoca Forum) and I can take a look at the administration of user in case user gets some conflict there.

There are many ways how to solve any problem but the worst solution, is to not ask on forum or other contact form and directly write such review here?

Are you really sure, you wanted to use Phoca Gallery? In case you got problem, are you really sure you wanted to solve it? This review seems like you never wanted to solve the problem, in such case I don't understand this review? It is a fake review? Not. Do you want to solve the problem? If yes, just contact me, there are many ways ho to solve the problem. You can do it easily on Phoca Forum page ( )

Thank you for understanding.

bymlbracewell, April 10, 2013
I got this up and running in no time and it works beautifully. The supporting documentation was especially helpful and so nice to see on an extension that is free!

Thank you so much!
bymlbracewell, February 22, 2013
OS Property
This was my first time using a real estate extension, and it's awesome! My client is thrilled. It's a bit overwhelming at first because it is so powerful, but it's actually pretty easy to set up. The support is A++++++! Dang bent over backwards to help me when needed. Fast - great - friendly support!

Thank you for a great extension!
bymlbracewell, January 26, 2013
Phoca Restaurant Menu Lite
I've been using this component on a client site for about 4 years and my client loves it. What really wowed me was when it came time to migrate the site to 2.5 and the AWESOME support I got from Jan. Got it migrated easily thanks to him and saved me countless hours. Thank you for a great extension and even better support.
bymlbracewell, December 6, 2012
RSform Pro
I've used this for both 1.5 & 2.5 sites and have found it very easy to install and configure. I've tried several other form components, but I've found this to be the easiest. Price is reasonable too.
bymlbracewell, December 6, 2012
I've used this on 2 sites now and it works great. Very easy to install and use. I 100% recommend it if you want to have a FB like feature and feed.
bymlbracewell, December 6, 2012
Trombinoscope Extended
This is a very nice component. NOTE: it is NOT a replacement for Joomla's contact component. It's just a nice way of displaying all your contacts.

It was very easy to install and configure and worth the small price.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the review and for your reminder. This is very well appreciated.

bymlbracewell, August 2, 2012
Simple Youtube
Does just what is says. Simple, easy to use mod to display a YT video. I tried TWO other mods before this one, both were awful. This one is perfect.

Thank You!
bymlbracewell, September 19, 2010
Easy install. Just do what the other reviewer recommended to remove URL on front end pages. Took about 5 seconds.

Thanks so much for this FREE security extension!
bymlbracewell, September 19, 2010
Works EXACTLY as it says! Easy to set up. Just follow the SIMPLE instructions.

Thanks so much for this extension!
bymlbracewell, June 18, 2010
Works as promised. Took about 1 minute to install and get it working on my contact form!

bymlbracewell, June 1, 2010
KC Cufón Font Replacement
I installed this and set it up with no problems. Worked great in FF, but not at all in IE8 like they say it will. I should have tested their site in IE8 1st and saved myself the hassle. It doesn't work on IE8 either! Too bad, would have been awesome. I did post this on their forum with no response after 3 days.
Owner's reply


The plugin and Cufon works fine in IE8, if you go to or in IE8, it is working.

Please check the forum again, I responded to your post 2 hours after you made it:

bymlbracewell, September 3, 2009
Random Flash
Took about 5 minutes to install it and have it running!

Just make sure follow the INSTRUCTIONS in the module itself and rename your .swf files as instructed. Too easy!

Thanks for a great module
bymlbracewell, August 21, 2009
I didn't try the free version after reading the reviews. We jumped in and bought it. Very well worth it.

I didn't understand a few things so I emailed him and got an immediate response. Great support!

The only negative thing I can say is that I wish his site had a support forum.
bymlbracewell, August 12, 2009
I recently took over a Joomla site that for some reason was running a very old version of Breezing Forms and it wasn't working correctly. I decided it needed to be upgraded.

It wouldn't install correctly so I contacted support. I was flabbergasted at the quick response from support. Turned out the site did not have the FTP settings setup, but he fixed it and tested all within a couple of hours of contacting him.

It works exactly as promised and my client is having no trouble created their forms in the easy mode.

Thanks for a great, affordable extension and suberb service!
bymlbracewell, September 28, 2007
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DT Register
This extension looked great. But it doesn't work. Support has responded by saying they know there is a problem and many people are having problems and they are working on it. But they won't give a time line. The problem with this is that I paid for it and it doesn't work. They shouldn't be selling it yet if it won't work properly.

So if you are considering this extension wait until they have a fix for it.
Owner's reply

We were able to set it up on her site, but she was not able to. User Error is partly involved here. HOWEVER, the new release is available now!

bymlbracewell, February 6, 2007
After trying several other calendars this one did the trick.

Easy to install and configure.

bymlbracewell, February 6, 2007
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JCK Editor
I was having trouble with TinyMCE and the JEvents calendar. As soon as I installed JoomlaFCK, problem solved.

Yes, this should be the default editor with Joomla.

THanks and kudos to the developers!