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bymmaass, August 17, 2013
Super Splash
Very versatile! On one site I used it simply to display a login module overlaying the whole window. It even works with custom position names like "myloginposition" and avoids duplication this way. No coding required and worked "out of the box". Definitely worth the subscription fee.
Cookie Monster
Fear of the law made me spend some money ... I first thought this might need a lot of adjustments, but it is just installing, enabling the plug-in and it's up and running. Nice acceptance/decline buttons shown once and the visitor is done with it. Apart from the Cookie control it serves as a great tool to include Google Analytics, I found. No hassle with editing original template files and add the full script. Just entered the ID and the code showed in the source! "Me want cookie!"
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to make a review of the plugin. It is very appreciated .

bymmaass, May 27, 2011
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ZOO is utterly great. And it's free - anyone who says otherwise probably refers to the "Apps" which are works of art in themselves. The concept of "overrides" offers the possibility of non-destructive changes that survive regular updates without any problems or conflicts, and give room for easily reversible(!) experiments. The documentation is well structured, extensive and offers very good explanations, tips and examples. The forum does indeed offer help. At least as long as the question or problem is explained correctly. In most cases, though, the solution is there after reading the manual. I found that I myself was the "bug" when I couldn't get something in ZOO to work. And I am definitely no specialist when it comes to PHP, CSS or even SQL. I cannot see much use in commenting some previous negative post by "paid customers" (must be great to actually GET money as a customer?!) in detail but there must either a general grudge or it's simply time for the one good advice: RTFM. Some owners of Toyota cars in the USA who didn't then suddenly realized that the brake pedal is the left one. The judge told them ...