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Disappointed with red component. After five different attempts of installing and reinstalling, the I continue to get a The requested page cannot be found or 404 Component not found error. The site won't work. Don't waste your time with this component. Thanks
bymmugisa, June 25, 2013
The best extension, that does what it promises. Fantastic stuff. Keep it up.

As long as you go to the plugins, you'll find all the stuff you need.
bymmugisa, October 31, 2012
Helpdesk Pro
Many developers will tell you that their extension is great. That is expected. But as a developer myself, and a person always interested in finding problems in other people's work, I have no issue with this HelpDesk Pro component.

Simple to install. Very customizable and easy to use.

If you want a component to fix your ticket management system on your joomla site, stop here. This is a clean component that will make you love your site. And, the support is great.
Documents Seller
I installed this extension on my site, and I found it being very versatile. It does what the vendor says it can do.

If you are a professional like me, selling any downloadable product of any kind, this is the software for you... Mugisa M