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bymmurphy, July 17, 2011
- Wide variety of applications/uses
- Easy to use

- Can't think of any

Overall a really handy extension, highly recommended.
bymmurphy, July 13, 2011
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Realtyna RPL
I'm the CTO/Lead Programmer for the company I work for. We were tasked with having to build a website for a well known Canadian realty company. This software seemed like the most promising joomla extension out there but we would have been better off had we started from scratch and built our own.

Here's just a few of the issues we found:

- Invalid Markup (Listerally hundreds of errors)
- Deprecated Markup
- Extremely poor programming and code formating
- Completely bloated and repetitively redundant code
- Totaly bogus code at one point I came accross: if (1 == 1)

Old functions aren't refactored or replaced, they're just duplicated and renamed eg. function search()... function search2...

- Hard coded inline css and markup
- Hardcoded parent categories that are even built right into the database tables

I'm absolutely stunned at the quality of this extension and can't believe it's even as functional as it is. Totally unprofessional.

I absolutely cannot believe that this has any positive reviews...there's just no way.

As a programmer and from a users standpoint, I'm totally shocked and disgusted with this extension.
Owner's reply

Who are you (with no history) in JED to question previous reviews made by professional and genuine Joomla users?

(Just FYI , the review before yours , is made by a user with 42 previous reviews , even before we join to Joomla Community!)

We can guess who you are . you asked for free MLS integration in return of your customized designs which were of no use to us and we rejected your request .

It's becoming popular in JED directory to blackmail developers with a bad review to get free work and we are going to stand against this unprofessional behavior.