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bymmyhre, March 20, 2011
Power Mail
I really wish i could give this a full score because this really is a uniqe way of approaching publishing to joomla content. I have been looking for a extension like this for a long time, but this needs some extended support or improvement.

1. Use this with pictures and text only. Claims to work with videofiles, but this never worked out for me. Sometimes it worked and sometimes site chrashed. Sometimes internal server error etc.

Keep to pictures, text and small files under 10 mb and you are okey.

I have not tested this extension under shared hosting, but only on a dedicated and a VPS.

On both sites the site load times have gone up from about 1 sec prior to 7 sec after. This happend on both servers. Maybe this has something todo with the cronjob running, but anyway it is something that should be adressed.

So my conclusion beeing.

Good product and great potensial if some key issues are adressed.

- Decreases site performance
- Big files ( above 15MB ) makes site halt, chrash.
Owner's reply

Site Performance is only affected if the internal cron is used. This is recommended only for nonbusy sites. The best way to run PowerMail is to have an external cron to collect the email on your specified schedule. If it is run like this, there is no performance hit to any site.

We are updating the code to handle files bigger than 15 mb, but at present, attachments on an email that are very large are not recommended.

bymmyhre, February 9, 2011
Before activating this extensions i had an average joomla site of Grade C with 64 Http Request.

On the joomla performance grader olmost all was in red except valid and gzip.

Now i get a Solid Grade A on small site and a Grade B 88 on Yslow.

The performance grader also list my entire site in green execpt 1 field in yellow, and Http request are down to 6 by joomla performance standard.

Html validates and that is not normal when usig other extensions.

The only part i did not get working so far is the CDN. But when site loads at under 1 sec, who even cares.

This is the extension to go with as far as i care.
Owner's reply

Hey mmyhre,

I'm pleased to hear that jbetolo has been to good use for you as for many others.

As for CDN usage don't hesitate to contact me through my site and I will be more than happy to get you going on that one.

bymmyhre, September 22, 2010
WEBO Site SpeedUp
This component reduced my site http request by about 75 %.

It also went from grade D on Yslow to Grade B score 88. The site was now lightning fast.

My site was however closed by the server administrator because the script consumed olmost all server capasit.

So check with server administrator before you innstall this, unless you want to risk you have your webpage shut down.

So great, but you have to use with caution....

bymmyhre, May 14, 2009
Since i am not on php4 i cannot say an opinion on that, but i am on PHP5, and what is confusing is that it installs fine, and also it crawls and says everything is a sucsess.

Of course the sitemap.xml file that is generated is very empty though.

Hope it will work with PHP, because this is what i am looking for.

Owner's reply

Hey Morten, thx for your review.
Unfortunatly has JCrawler in version 1.7 a problem with relative links. So thats why your sitemap is empty. It will be fixed in version 1.8

Greets Patrick