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bymnc4, December 27, 2011
Lazy Load for Joomla!
Plugin works very well. I had an issue where I wasn't setting the height on my images - but this was my issue and should have been fixed anyway. Once the image height is set either inline or via css this plug-in works perfectly.
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Thank you very much for your review!

bymnc4, November 13, 2011
Akeeba Backup
This extension should be used on every Joomla! site where the hosting environment will support it. Together with Akeeba Kickstart it is the quickest way to move from a development machine to a live server. It will also allow you to try a lot of things you might be afraid to do without it - and then roll back to a stable version of your site if you completely mess everything up. I cannot praise this extension enough, if "Excellent!" means five stars, then "Akeeba Backup" should mean six.
Note: this is a review of 1.1.9. I have built a few sites with Virtuemart (VM), including one with hundreds of products, and VM has been able to handle them. It is possible to build a good, working store with VM alone, but VM has a lot of great extensions - especially k2Mart, which integrates k2 and VM. I would recommend using K2Mart to get the most out of VM.

I would like to respond to a lot of the negative criticism from other reviewers: first, VM's documentation is good. VM's forum section also has an extensive collection of posts. VM is not a good solution if you do not like to read or you do not know how to search for solutions to potential problems.

VM has an extensive amount of options and will take some time to customize and get just right. A lot of the negative reviews seem to think this is a problem; however for me this is one of the most useful things about it. It makes the extension very flexible and able to accomplish more than a lot of others.

I would not recommend the extension for someone who is lazy or who doesn't want to write (or learn to write) some PHP. That is what keeps me from giving this extension 5 stars. If you are going to build a large site, you will likely have to tweak it just a bit in order to get it to work just right. You can find a lot of great workarounds in the VM forums, and I recommend that if you tweak VM that you share your solutions with the VM community.

For people who are comfortable with PHP and CSS, this is a 5 star extension, for less experienced developers or people who are short on time I would say it is a 4.
bymnc4, October 23, 2011
Admin Tools Professional
I work with multiple Virtuemart sites, and this extension has blocked SQL injection attempts, Brute Force Administrator Login Query attacks, XSS attacks, and CSRF exploits. It has blocked attacks that I did not even know existed (and in the process I have become much more educated about security from looking up what the exploiters were trying to do).

The Web Application Firewall is the killer feature of this extension - the e-mail alerts that you can set up for security threats are invaluable. The ability to give the administrator login page a special location (like /administrator?impossible_to_guess1989) is also an important feature. It also contains a number of tools for stuff you should already be doing even if you don't have the extension, such as changing the db prefix and password protecting the admin directory.

AdminTools Pro was relatively easy to set up, and the documentation is extensive.
bymnc4, October 23, 2011
BreezingForms (Lite)
My subscription to BreezingForms lapsed and I was searching for a good forms component, was really surprised to see the version I had installed on my other sites was available for free! This particular version of the extension was fantastic, and it was worth every penny of the subscription price.

Pros: Quickmode is extemely easy to use, you can rapidly develop and copy forms. Lots of options when setting up forms. Large selection of attractive themes. Ajax validation is great. All submissions can be logged to the database for review.

Cons: I had an issue while I was a subscriber - the form's rollover colors setting can cause problems with select lists when enabled. It was a very simple fix, just to disable the rollover colors. (I should note that I raised a support ticket about this issue and Crosstec helped me identify what the problem was - their support is very responsive.)