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bymnsuk, April 10, 2014
jCart for OpenCart
I have been using OpenCart for about 2 years and decided recently to make the switch to Joomla and Jcart.

Jcart has made it very easy to get the power of Opencart working with my favourite CMS. It was easy to install and setup, my favourite modules from OpenCart all work fine and in general, if you know your way around OpenCart (setting up your categories and products etc.), then you will have no problems with Jcart.

I did have a small issue installing one of the modules the other day, I'm not a programmer, so when something's 'broke', I call for help. I'm not sure what the problem was, probably something I had or hadn't done right, but regardless, tech support was at hand and within 24 hours the 'problem' was fixed.

Very good support, good product and if you're looking for a comprehensive e-commerce solution to work with Joomla, then Jcart could be just what you need.
bymnsuk, July 27, 2012
I have been using Crmery for a couple of weeks now and so far am very happy. I was looking for a CRM component for Joomla that offered all the usual CRM features, but was also backed by a team that could offer support as and when required. I am very happy to say that the support has been first rate and issues have been dealt with promptly. I am excited about the prospect of integration with perhaps Jforce or ProjectFork. The initial price may seem a bit high, however, what you are really paying for is the Support and this is fast and first rate. I am happy to recommend this component.
bymnsuk, July 31, 2010
Hotspots Pro
I downloaded the latest version of HotSpots a couple of days ago. It's not perfect (yet), has quite a few bugs (at the moment) but has great potential for when it's all been sorted out and bugs squashed.

It's quite a unique component that I'm sure will be of use to anyone needing to place markers on a map. It will be ideal if, like myself, you need to plot a 'course' or mark a number of locations. I'm in a sailing club and we want to create 'rece courses' and also mark our moorings, HotSpots will be great for that.... when the bugs are squashed.

Daniel (the Admin) has been very helpful and quick with his replies, I'm happy with the small donation for support and look forward to seeing this component grow.