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My Maps location
JoomUnited's support was given super-admin access and resolved 7 issues I had with one support ticket. Very efficient, timely, responsive and understanding support.

This is the best "store locator" extension I have used since I started building Joomla sites in 2008.
Owner's reply

Thanks for sharing your experience, we have a 2 level support. The developer can fix all the problem you can find.

My Maps location Google Maps integration is now very stable, hope you'll never need our support anymore ;)

bymodernmagic, July 23, 2013
I have installed rsmonials v2 on a j2.5

The testimonials submittal form does not stop spam with either the included spam protection or recaptcha.

The developer, per his forum, knows about this since May 25, 2012.

I would not recommend using this extension until this is fixed. My site gets 20-30 spam emails per day. So I have to delete all the notification email and go in the backend and delete the hundreds of spam submittals in the extension.

Since the submittal form is a headache, I decided to just use a regular form for submittals and then past into an article. Looks the same without the hassle.

Its been over a year with no fix, so I had to assume its a dead extension.
Owner's reply

We added some new SPAM protection in our latest RSMonials Version 2.1 for Joomla 3. Please check.

bymodernmagic, October 21, 2012
Filter and Search for K2
Andrey provided top notch, quick, support. I had some questions on how to use it and how to customize it. I gave Andrey admin access and he made some changes and even started the customization for me! Awesome. Will be using this module on all K2 sites in the future.
bymodernmagic, February 24, 2012
Redirect on Login
There wasn't any screenshots or demos on the devs website, but I was having issues with a similar extension on Friday and my site was due to go live on Monday. So I decided to roll the dice. (after a akeeba backup :-))

Well in under 10 clicks I had a user group redirected to their specific community menu. There are 46 more communities but with such an easy UI this extension will make it painless.

bymodernmagic, January 27, 2012
My whole j1.7 site is behind a login. No public access. So this component allowed for a simple menu item to logout to the site's home page.

One less thing for me to muck around with.

bymodernmagic, November 16, 2010
When a front end user logs in and tries to add a new item they are sent to a K2 Edit Item screen. After creating that item, they can Save but they are still stuck on the same screen with no way to close it. They have to click the browser's back button to get out of the edit screen. This is unintuitive and frustrating for front end clients.

Its weird because all the back-end Save and Cancel buttons also "Close" the current screen, why would the front-end buttons not function the same?

According to the K2 forums, the developers have decided that this is not a bug but an "annoyance". Guess what is "annoying".... when you get a call from a client with Publisher permissions that see dozens of duplicate new items submitted for their review. I later figured out it is because the front-end editor doesn't know that his new item was saved because the screen does not close and there is not a confirmation. So he usually will try to resubmit the item again. Multiply that by dozens of editors clicking save over and over and over.... ouch! That's is not an "annoyance" that is a broken submission system.
bymodernmagic, July 27, 2010
I was going to use a CCK just to get all my images to have thumbnails and popups.... but this simple yet powerful plugin does what I need, perfectly.

The developer is easy to get in contact with via his forum and is very professional and knowledgable.

The plugin is constantly being updated with minor fixes and tweaks. I posted on his forum and within 1 day it evolved into a "feature request" and finally an update to the plugin. It now works with FJ related extensions.