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bymojoomla, October 11, 2010
Place Article
This pluging is simply superb.
I would say it is THE EASIEST WAY to embed the contents of one article within another.

Just as the author says, insert the tag {article=article_id} where you need another article inserted and the pluging replaces the tag with the entire content of the that article beautifully rendered with all the CSS and HTML just as it should appear.

I used this plugin in a very handy way to simplify a complex content item page which was constructed in Dreamweaver and cut pasted into Joomla No Editor mode. The page had a lot of layers along with associated javascript behaviours which did the job of hiding and displaying layers when user moused over links on the page. It also included Dreamweaver Spry effects.

The layers contained formatted tables which would require frequent editing. So the tables had to appear in WYSIWYG mode in JCE. But this was not possible since JCE does not correctly render content of complex pages with hidden layers and divs.

So what I did was to pull the tables out of the main layered and scripted page and replace them with appropriate "Place Article" tags. The actual tables were kept as separate content items which could then be easily edited in a WYSIWYG manner without touching the complex scripted page.

What a great help "Place Article" is to handle this hybrid Joomla/Dreamweaver design methodology !

A million thanks to the author.
This extension is simply THE BEST inline image Gallery extension available to date, period.

I have tried and tested almost all image gallery extensions on JED but for what it does, this extension has absolutely no compare.

The ease of use is terrific! It just works out of the box. With this extension a novice can create a professional-looking inline image gallery out of a folder full of images by just inserting a simple tag anywhere in his article content.

There are lots of inline configuration tags available to the power user who wants to make his galleries of particular sizes and looks.

The variety of lightbox options available is very commendable. The boxplus lightbox option created by the author himself is amazing! It produces a flash based gallery with a scrollable strip of image thumbnails automatically on its own !!

All-in-all, for someone who wants to produce great-looking picture galleries embedded inside his joomla content within seconds,not minutes, I would say, look no further. Just download Sigplus Image Gallery Plus plugin and your job is done!!

My heartfelt gratitude to the author for creating and giving to the Joomla community this wonderful extension.

Could you please think of creating something similar for displaying video, a "Simple Video Gallery Plus" if we may call it :-)

A million Thanks !
bymojoomla, May 25, 2010
This is really a much needed extension.
Using this extension one can create customised preview displays of several joomla articles and show them within a neatly framed module as a hyperlinked animated slideshow.
The previews are created using a Tinymce type editor that allows you to format a decent HTML page with embedded images, and hyperlinked text.

The hyperlinks can even open within jcebox type popup if the JCE plugin is installed and active.

All in all this is a nifty extension that will address the needs of many joomla designers.

One problematic issue for the author's attention :- When I tried to embed a flash animation in one of the news previews, using the media embed tool of the editor, the preview just removed the flash object embed code after the Save button was clicked.
Is there any way to solve this problem and enable insertion of a flash movie within the previews ?

Thanks for the superb extension anyways !
Owner's reply


Sorry for the response delay.
You can try the new version 1.02, i solve the problem

Lets me know.