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bymom2nine, November 2, 2009
JCal Pro
I started using JCalPro with Joomla 1.0 and found it far superior to anything that was available. The price is totally reasonable, too, and I really want a SIMPLE calendar to display because even full width, it's hard to read events on the calendar in monthly view. So I didn't want it cluttered with template stuff.

But since switching to Joomla 1.5, the calendar has changed and now when you have a recurring event, it creates a separate event for each occurrence, which gets really messy in the admin side. Our area has a ton of weekly items and it's impossible to maintain a calendar with so many separate listings of events like that. It would be nice if the events would automatically delete x number of days after they expire, too, but I am sure that's hoping for too much. Still, it's the best calendar component I have found for Joomla.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the kind review. In the backnd events manager, you can filter the listed events as "upcoming only", meaning past events won't be displayed. Makes managing the events very easy.

The change in the way events were recorded was implemented so that you could easily modify one instance in a recurring seris, without affecting the rest.

bymom2nine, January 22, 2008
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There is a lot of promise with Virtuemart but it just doesn't deliver in terms of development and support. The USPS shipping module has troubled users for MONTHS and nobody seems to have an answer to getting it to work. And there are a few other glitches here and there that require you to hack the code and get them working...the real solution would be to update the component to include those fixes, but so far it feels like the developers are just overwhelmed. I'll keep watching for it to mature, however, because it shows so much potential.
bymom2nine, December 12, 2006
Simple Image Gallery
I tried the first version, but had some problems getting images to display full size when you clicked on them. This one is a big improvement, and very easy to use. But it's a little confusing for the site visitor. When you click on the image, the popup comes up at the very top of your screen, where you could only see a small portion of the larger image if your gallery is further down the page. And it's not clear that you can click on another image and get the image to open in that same window. If you click close, it actually closes the full article and you have to go back to the full version to see the gallery and additional photos. There needs to be some additional controls on there or explanation when the popup window displays. If the gallery could somehow be set to create a full version slideshow fading from one photo to another full size, that would be classy, however. All in all, however, you've done something that many of us Joomla lovers have wished for!