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Insta Photo Display
This module worked EXACTLY as advertised, and was extremely simple to configure. I had a need to be able to display images based on hashtag. I contacted the developer, asking if this could be accomplished. In no time at all, I received an email that the feature had been added - and it works perfectly! This is a great extension, but the support makes ALL the difference. Awesome to find developers like this on the JED!!!
bymomentis, May 17, 2013
Authentication - EMail
A perfect solution to one of the most irritating Joomla quirks. This NEEDS to be part of the core. Thanks again to this fantastic developer!!
What more can be said? If you are serious about protecting your Joomla admin area, you need this extension. Period! And, like everything developed by Michael Richey, this thing works perfectly, with no hidden back links or superfluous features. A great extension from one of the BEST developers out there helping us!! Thanks!!!!
bymomentis, April 16, 2013
Awo Email Login
Don't you just love it when someone develops a perfect little extension to solve a problem? That's the case with AWO Email Login! Why this has never been made part of Joomla core is beyond me. Install and enable this plugin and, voila!, your users can authenticate with their registered email address. Absolutely could NOT be easier. Don't forget to add a language override so that the login form shows "Email Address" or "Email Address / Username" instead of just "User name". Thanks to this developer!!!
RD-Autos Single Dealer
I have an OLD version of this extension that a client has been using for years. During the redesign of their site, I of course looked at all the vehicle extensions available for Joomla. In the end, I chose to purchase and install the latest from Robert. I am running the Single Dealer version on Joomla 3.0.3 and it is working perfectly! Not a bug in sight.

The extension, while easy to use in the past, has gotten even more intuitive. As an additional bonus, it REALLY runs FAST!!! The back-end admin panel just blazes through adding vehicles, even when uploading 6 large images with each. I cannot say whether this is all because of advancements with RD-Autos or partly because of the newest Joomla framework, but the results are astounding!

I found the default extension styling (front-end) to be clean, crisp and professional. Like the admin area, the front-end runs extremely fast. The image processing being used (for vehicle photos) produces great quality shots while keeping file size to a minimum. SO nice to see a developer just build this in from the get-go - Robert knows his customers and he designs the system to JUST WORK.

As I found in the past, the support is outstanding. Not only are the responses fast and helpful, Robert is ALWAYS courteous. Anyone that has spent enough time in Joomla knows that's not always the case.

In short, this is an exceptional extension backed by incredible support. Thanks, Robert!
bymomentis, February 7, 2013
I have been using several NoNumber extensions for a while, but just came upon the need for Sourcerer today. I had some issues getting some PHP syntax correct and Peter was superbly helpful! Fast, accurate, and FRIENDLY responses to my forum post are very much appreciated - especially since my issue had nothing to do with the plugin itself, but rather with my usage of PHP!! Thanks to Peter for another amazing plugin!!!
What? Nothing!
I was struggling to complete a major web development project for my largest client. I spent days pouring through the JED to find all the plugins I needed, but just couldn't seem to win. Then I came across this little gem from NoNumber. It solved EVERY outstanding issue I had. Not only did it do that, but it helped my site look better and gave it a pleasing aroma! Who would have thought that one tiny extension could do all that? As an added bonus, it gave me more self esteem and helped me meet a beautiful woman. Thanks, Peter!!!
Owner's reply

I am very happy for you that you have found love again.

About that aroma: do remember to update this extension regularly, as the smell does dissipate and can even turn into a sour fishy odor.
And that can repel beautiful women.

bymomentis, September 14, 2012
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iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
I have used Douglas's other extension, Contact Enhanced, for years, but I had never tried this one until recently. As I expected, I am extremely pleased with MooFAQ. It works exactly as I expected, and is very easy to customize to fit the look of my site.

And, as usual, the support by Douglas is outstanding. I found one small display error (under IE9) and Douglas had a fix to me in less than an hour. I can't be more pleased with his extensions and support!!!
bymomentis, July 24, 2012
ACL Manager
Trust me - the robust ACL settings in Joomla 2.5x can quickly become overwhelming. This beautiful little extension removes the headaches and makes setting up access levels a breeze! ACL manager does exactly what it says. I have NO idea how support for this extension is handled because I haven't needed any. It worked right away and is so intuitive that support has not been necessary. Sander has provided the J! community a much-needed extension!!! There is no doubt in my mind that this should be part of Joomla core. Great, great work Sander!!!
bymomentis, May 4, 2012
Praise Url
Isn't it wonderful when a developer sees a need that others don't, and then provides an extension that provides a simple and elegant solution?

That's exactly what JoomlaPraise has done here. Anyone that has worked in Joomla long enough with SEF knows what a pain it is to obtain real URLs on pages. This little gem makes it absurdly easy to find the actual URL of any page on your site, regardless of the SEF solution you are using.

Many, many thanks to JP for this much needed extension!!!!
bymomentis, March 14, 2012
I have been using ChronoForms on nearly every site I develop since 2009, and I was shocked to find out today that I had NOT written a review! My apologies to Max for waiting so long!!

Anyone who has worked in Joomla for any length of time knows there are just some extensions you cannot live without. ChronoForms is one of those for me. I will not go into a lot of detail here, but I will say that if you need forms of ANY kind on your site, this is THE extension you need. Do not even bother with anything else you may find on the JED.

Why do I say this? First, the extension is, out of the box, extremely configurable and flexible. Second, and more importantly, the support is simply out of this world. I don't even think Bob sleeps!! Questions are answered quickly and thoroughly, and with no trace of arrogance or frustration. Max and Bob KNOW how to treat their customers.

I cannot say enough about my experience with ChronoForms. Try it and you will see. And, please, consider purchasing a subscription so that this product can continue to evolve!
bymomentis, March 13, 2012
Why something this simple and perfect is not part of the Joomla core is beyond me. Thanks, John, for providing a simple and elegant solution that makes the user experience SO much better!!!! Great work!
bymomentis, February 8, 2012
Art Data
I have only been using this extension for a couple of days, but I am already so impressed I had to write a review. I tried other extensions on the JED, all claiming to be powerful tools to present data. NONE of them can match the power and simplicity of the ArtData.

Within minutes of installing, I was generating sortable tables, bar charts, pie charts, and progress bars based on my stored data. The Artetics website is absolutely LOADED with real-world examples of uses for this product. I was able to easily locate the code for exactly what I needed to do, and it worked flawlessly! No matter what I threw at the extension it simply worked as I expected.

However, like any piece of software, what really makes or breaks an extension is the support. I have to say that after 5 years working in Joomla, I have rarely found support as good as provided by Artetics. First of all, their forum is constantly monitored. The admins give answers which are thorough, and offer complete solutions for the question. I had a question about use of the ArtBar plugin for ArtData, and in less than 40 minutes I had a complete workable solution. To me, that is extraordinary support!! Just take a look at their forum and see how many unanswered posts there are. You will not find many, and they won't last long. These guys are on the ball!

This is the first extension I have purchased from Artetics, and I have decided it will certainly NOT be the last. Support like this is invaluable to me, and I have become a believer in ArtData and Artetics. Great work, guys!!

Articles Anywhere
What more can be said? This plugin works exactly as the developer describes. I have used it in countless ways, and every time it performs flawlessly. It cannot be easier to insert articles throughout your site, truly harnessing the content resuability of a CMS platform like Joomla.

I have never once had to ask for support from NoNumber from ANY extension of theirs that I have used. They use clean, efficient, well-documented and easy-to-follow code. If every developer on the JED produced extensions like this, building sites in Joomla would be a piece of cake! Great job by NoNumber on this extension!!!
bymomentis, December 15, 2011
I have been using this extension since it was first published. Download, install, enable - that's it. It just WORKS!!! Many thanks to the developer.
bymomentis, November 14, 2011
I found this little gem WAY back at version 1.0, and I have used it ever since. It is extremely flexible and customizable, while still being simple enough for even a relative novice to understand. I have used this module on more sites than I can remember, and it has become a standard for every Joomla install I do.

Not only is the module itself great, but the developer provides incredible support. I have paid for extensions that did not give nearly the level of support I have gotten with this one. And, chances are, you won't even need support because this mod just WORKS!!!
bymomentis, April 11, 2011
After years of using MyBlog, I switched to Easyblog and found it to be a refreshing change. For starters, the support is outrageously great! Chances are, though, that you won't even need it. The extension is so well laid out and simple to configure that even newbies should be able to get a great looking, incredibly robust blog up and running. Finally an extension that brings the power and ease of Wordpress to Joomla!!!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your feedbacks!

bymomentis, April 6, 2011
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I do not do much when it comes to eCommerce. However, I had the need to create a storefront for my new employer, so I turned to the JED to find a solution. At first, I tried messing with Virtuemart (of course). I have been working in Joomla extensively for more than 4 years, and I have never experienced such a convoluted MESS. VM may be powerful, but it is a nightmare to configure and manage.

I happened to stumble on HiksShop and was initially impressed with the high praise found on the JED reviews. I decided to give it a try, so I downloaded and installed the free version on my site. I had LOTS of questions about functions available, and needs I had, relating to the Business edition of HikaShop. All of my pre-sale questions were answered promptly by Nicolas in the forums. Within 2 days I purchased a license for the Business edition, and I could not be happier with that decision.

HikaShop is incredibly feature-rich, and has been able to handle anything I've thrown at it. I have it up and running on a Joomla 1.6 site, and it works like a charm. Unlike many developers who purport to have J1.6 versions available, this one actually fully utilizes the new ACL features in nearly every regard. Kudos to the development team for that! Incidentally, there are some developers of HikaShop who also work at developing Acymailing, so for anyone that has worked with that product, I will tell you that you are dealing with a similarly robust and well-written extension here.

The absolute BEST thing about HiksShop is the support. It seems these guys never sleep! No matter when I submit a question in the forums I get a prompt reply. No matter how trivial my questions have been (and I know I've asked some pretty bad ones), Nicolas responds politely and thoroughly answers the question. In fact, when I have asked questions about a function I would like to have, Nicolas has time and time again gone above and beyond by actually telling me what code to insert in what file to do what I want! How many other developers out there will take that step without even asking? Not many!

For those of you that like to dig into the code to make changes yourself, this extension is a DREAM to work with. The code is clean, logical and well documented. The extension runs amazingly fast and easily fit with the Yootheme template I am using. Oh, and I must mention that the integration between HikaShop and Acymailing is phenomenal. Do yourself a favor and buy both!!!!

In short, this is a fantastic product with unbelievable support. Look no further when you need a robust, well-supported and feature-rich storefront.
bymomentis, March 25, 2011
Very Simple Image Gallery
What can I say? Watching everything move forward into Web2.0 and beyong, and all the added complexity and conflict, it is refreshing to see an extension that just provides what is needed. Nothing fancy and nothing more than needed. Just a simple, small plugin that works flawlessly and correctly. Love it!
bymomentis, January 27, 2011
I was searching for a shopping cart extension for a client's site. Of course, all I ever hear about is VirtueMart, so I gave it a shot. I will not lodge my complaints about that extension other than to say that I was very disappointed. It was after this that I found redShop.

Right from the start, I was impressed with the response times I saw in the forums. And not just from other users, mind you - from the development team themselves. This was extremely important to me. I have found this same level of response once I purchased a subscription. The entire crew is extremely helpful, and I never felt degraded when I made stupid mistakes. A+ support!

Unlike VM, this extension played perfectly with the RocketTheme template being used. No issues at all, and it fit right in like a glove!

The administrative control panel is clean and well designed, something that is definitely lacking in VM. The layout is intuitive and well planned, making it easy for a webstore novice like me to get my site running.

The extension is very feature-rich, including coupons, vouchers, a robust shipping system, gift cards, shopping groups - the list goes on and on.

I did hit some snags along the way, but the team was right there to help me - even logging in to my site and correcting mistakes I had made. I cannot express how completely happy I am with the decision I made to purchase redShop. It comes very, very highly recommended!!!!
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