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ACL Manager
This extension makes managing access to ANY item in your Joomla site simple. It is one of the most intuitive extensions I've ever seen published in the JED. Even if you don't have an understanding of access control levels, once you install this extension the concept becomes much clearer. Thank you Sander for your hard work and offering this product for such an affordable price. 10 Euros very well spent!
bymontano, January 9, 2012
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SP Upgrade
I'm feeling a bit guilty for not submitting a review sooner. SP Upgrade is one of the core tools in my Joomla development toolkit. This does something different than JUpgrade in that it will import data from a J1.5 database to an existing 1.7 site, whereas JUpgrade pushes data out.

The best use example I can think of to illustrate the benefit of SP Upgrade is this. If you installed a quicklaunch version of template from a template club with lots of demo content and extensions already set up, but now you need your content from your old 1.5 site you can use this extension to import it.
bymontano, September 30, 2011
Admin Tools Professional
This is one of two Akeeba extensions I install on every site. There are many combinations and levels of security you can implement with Admin Tools. It is a fairly user friendly extension, but I do recommend reading the documentation to get the most out of it. If you don't know what you are doing, you can lock yourself out of the site. Not a fault of the extension, but of proceeding without reading.

Thank you for all the hard work, Akeeba!
bymontano, July 17, 2007
Akeeba Backup
WOWEEE!! I love this component. Smooth as glass. I didn't have the host information for the old site, so I installed this component, made my backup, uploaded the zip file to the new host and unzipped it. Created a new/empty database and changed the configuration file to reflect that db info. Entered the installation folder, clicked through the install and was done in 45 minutes total. Next time it will take me 30 minutes because I know what I'm doing now.
Thank you so much, you've helped me today and will help me many times in the future.