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bymoomola, January 6, 2013
Simply brilliant : anything needed to present a list of files to visitors and to tune accesses.

Many thanks for this excellent plugin.
bymoomola, February 26, 2007
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JCal Pro
After having tested different calendar soft, I choosed Extcal. However a way to add permissioning to events was something I was really waiting for.

When I heard about JCal pro, I immediiatly tested it: it is to me the best calendar under Joomla!

However, I still can't use in operatons since there is strange incompatibility between a calendar module that I need: "Latest Events" and the Community Builder worflow module that I use.

The JCal developpers are kind and reactive, which is also a proof of quality: I hope this will be solved and that I will be able to use it in the "real world".