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bymoon4206, June 22, 2006
Z Weather
This is great addition to the Joomla community. And yes, us lazy people would really appreciate being able to simple enter a zip code and be done. However, the component, mod and cron plugin are well documented and the author's home page provides step by step instructions as well as handy links to the required source information.

What more could you possibly want for free?
bymoon4206, May 18, 2006
This is indeed a well thought out editor. It is almost as good as wysiwyg pro or TMEdit (formerly HTMLArea3 XTD) however, it is still very buggy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. After installing it on several sites with mixed results, I gave up and bought the wysiwyg pro. All the aggrevation wasnt worth my time -- it was cheaper to just spend the money on something that REALLY works ALL OF THE TIME!!