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bymooney101, February 11, 2012
I really need this and it just doesn't work. Just go to the forums and you'll see what I mean. Right now the sub domains don't even work and there is a fix which doesn't work that you have to do yourself rather than an update to the extension itself. Right now there is no good mobile options for Joomla 2.5 Someone could really make some money if they would design a mobile extension that worked.
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for taking your time to try and review Mobile Joomla! We are sorry to hear that you did not have a positive experience like majority of our users.

Mobile Joomla! is a free, open source and a Release Candidate software. There may be problems which we are constantly trying to fix with the help of our community. The subdomain issue, as you mentioned was known, fixed and available on Github 2 weeks before your post, which was a day after the last release. Naturally, we do not release an update for every fix, but wait until they reach a certain amount. However, we commit such fixes on Github, for you to benefit until an official update is available.

Regarding other posts you mentioned on Mobile Joomla! Forums: There will always be users who face certain challenges using any software. That's natural and what we do is to try our best to help and improve our product continuously.

We are keen to make Mobile Joomla! the best Joomla! mobilization solution. Yes, we do not ask for money, however, find our motivation when people benefit and have positive experience with our products. We hope we'll be able to help you to solve your problem, and turn your review into positive in close future.

bymooney101, February 7, 2012
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Works great and very easy to set up.
bymooney101, July 30, 2010
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If you use rokgzipper and rokbox this wont work for you unless you turn rokGzipper off.
Owner's reply

This module is very simple and has no js. I don't think that this module is your issue. You should double check your multiple uses of mootool modules and plugins first.