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I have installed K2 2.5.1 in Joomla 1.7.2 in my local system and also in my online server, but it is not displaying the dashboard. I am using the Joomlart T3 framework for their template JA Teline IV. I purchased the Joomlart membership after watching the recommendation video by Fotis Evangelou. But after installation of K2, the megamenu, headlines module etc. of the template are not working.
I replied my problem to a post in their forum dealing almost the same issue : "K2 items disappear in administrator Joomla! 1.7". But nobody is responding for the past one week.

I want the extension badly if it works as it promises.

My suggestion is that it would be better to have a scheme for paid support so that I can demand it, since these kinds of extensions are used for massive content based portals.
bymoonlight, August 22, 2011
Ozio Gallery
Ozio gallery is very quick and easy to use component. But I want to use it inside articles and in custom HTML modules. I am using Joomla1.6 & Joomla 1.7. I saw in some previous posts that the owner recommended "Plugin In Module: " , but that is currently compatible only for Joomla1.5. Is there any way to implement it in Joomla1.6 & Joomla1.7 ?
Owner's reply

Ciao moonlight,
you use Ozio Gallery in Joomla 1.7 inside articles and in custom HTML modules. In the componet page you can find the plugin code to paste in the article or custom HTML modules.

bymoonlight, August 11, 2011
OSE Membership™
These are unbelievable people. I have purchased several Joomla extensions, but none of them were this perfect according to their quality and support.

I have submitted more than ten tickets regarding my doubts & all. Every time, support is instantaneous and to the point and whenever I am not able to fix it, using my Cpanel id and password, they themselves had cleared every bug I had.

I requested a CCAVENUE payment gateway integration and promised them to give a test account which I was not able to provide in time. I was really worried whether they will take up and get engaged in some other work. But Shawn told me not to worry and they will be there for me, anytime.

And the Real Cool part is that, yesterday they integrated CCAvenue and fixed some other bugs I had by logging into my account, even though I am not able to provide them the CCAvenue test account till now.

I have no words to express about their cooperation and support. I would like to give 100stars or more regarding the product and their most excellent superb support.

Thumbs Up, along with delicious Royal Cheese Pastries, to Shawn and his team.