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bymorganuk, May 15, 2013
NoNumber Extension Manager
This utility for easy install and upgrade of nonumbers extensions is brilliant, and the fact that it is open source for potential reuse is amazing.
bymorganuk, March 6, 2013
Articles Anywhere
No Number's plugins have always been the shining example of 'how it should be done', and this plugin, Articles-Anywhere is one I install on my Joomla sites without even thinking about it.

Does what it says on the tin, essential, simple to use.
Link Market's LDMS
One of my clients uses this backlink service, and of course the Weblinks default joomla extension is not suitable as it does not actually list the proper url for the site.. just a dbase id.

Looking at this plugin I was happy.. till I saw it was only useful for one of their paid (and quite expensive) LDM services. Listing as non-commercial is the truth, but it is useless without the commercial service.