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bymorktron, July 23, 2012
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I've been using DOCman on and off for years now. I just came back to it, mainly for the great frontend editing capabilities which ensure most clients don't even need to know there is a backend admin area in Joomla.

When I launched a new site recently my clients files where not connected to the links, thankfully docMAN support saved my bacon and gave me a solution very quickly.

I highly recommend docMAN, even for a small amount of files.
bymorktron, April 4, 2012
If you need to get a little more info about your users but are unwilling to spend days configuring a form extension and don't want the code bloat of a fully fledged membership extension then ExtendedReg is definitely what you need.

An awesome extension is useless though without good support so I'm happy to say the support is exemplary.

Thanks ExtendedReg, keep up the great work :)
bymorktron, December 16, 2010
DT Register
I have used all the other events components for Joomla, commercial and non commercial. This is by far the best, especially since version 2.7 now has front end editing and it's own calendar - easy for clients to manage their own site. The support is also top class.

The upgrades keep on coming, look no further!
bymorktron, May 12, 2010
JoomLine mp3 player
This is an excellent mp3 player. I was most surprised to see that it does not use Flash at all. This is great of course since it will work on more devices and is so much easier to skin - just use CSS!
bymorktron, September 14, 2009
Finally in the form of RSEvents comes a great booking / event system for Joomla that is easy to configure, style, adapt and customise to suit. Combined with RS Form Pro you can build something no other component is yet capable of.

The best feature though is the amazing support from RSJoomla. You can be safe in the knowledge that if you buy this component pro help is at hand. They went above and beyond the call of duty in order to help me out and even implemented some changes for me!

Very impressed and looking forward to future developments from them...
bymorktron, February 20, 2009
I haven't used it that much yet as I've only just installed it but from what I have experienced so far I'd say that this will become part of my 'default' Joomla extensions quiver.

It saves so much time and is very easy to use. An ingenious idea, simple but amazingly effective. I won't be able to do without now.

If you've come across this extension you are in luck, enjoy! :)
bymorktron, February 8, 2009
I design and build Joomla websites everyday for a living. It is a rare pleasure to come across extensions as useful as this one. I'll no doubt be using this module on many websites from now on.

Even more amazing is the support from it's creator who emailed me the some custom php within half an hour. Plus I'm in the opposite time zone!

I look forward to using this and all it's future variations for many years to come.

Highly recommended :)
Owner's reply

Thanks morktron. For the benefit of other readers, I sent him a rule that allowed him to put up a module on any page that showed an article from a particular category, where the article's "created" date was older than a certain date. Dunno exactly why he wanted this, but it's a great example of the versatility of MetaMod!
- Stephen