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OSE Membership™
I bought this in Dec 2009 and its been getting better. The dev team seems to really listen to its clients and include new features at each update. The product works as advertised and the OSE team is helpful with pre-sale questions - there's also a demo site. The documentation is starting to come along as well for us newbies but the real satisfaction is with the support, it's fast and effective.

I'm using it for a college program and was able to setup a basic ACL and subscription quickly to offer courses on our website. Managing the back-end is fairly intuitive. There's even a bunch of free add-ons to work with document management and downloads if you want to include those in your subscriptions. However, the product isn't quite designed to handle all aspects of an educational site just yet; though Helix and his team have been listening to my requests and expressed desire to include these features in the future.

Keep up the good work!