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bympausch, September 17, 2009
I've installed this on several of our sites. Absolutely no problems. The author even gives you the option to remove his credits. Very generous.

I wish all joomla extensions were this outstanding!

Some people have trouble figuring out how to link to the sitemap and / or set preferences. It's very easy. Create a menu item linking to the component!

To get the url for the sitemap link to submit to Google, just go into the componenet and click on Options /Preferences. How easy is that?

Thanks again for a great component!
bympausch, December 4, 2008
I find this module extremely easy to install and configure. I find it to be an outstanding tool. The only thing I really need it to do is to support html. The content item it pulls might have html in it but the module displays the code literally. If this feature could be added, I'd give it 6 stars! Thanks!
bympausch, March 27, 2007
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Community Builder
I've been using CB on several of my sites for almost the last year. I have no complaints and think that anyone who takes the time to learn it will be glad they did. I recently upgraded which was also quite easy and didnt take very long. Highly recommended!!! I think I'll go become a CB subscriber. Been meaning to give the developers some financial support and really would love to have the user guide!!!