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bympf101112, January 15, 2011
NS Pro
Christopher Mavros has out done his self. I purchased this product when it was first introduced. From the beginning the product has worked great and I have noticed that NS Pro has also been developed on a consistent basis with real features that your clients want. When compared to the other products NS Pro is the hands down winner.

Now that said, Christopher has provided nothing but 5 Star support. If your looking for professional, polite, courteous, help full and supportive support to the point of I felt guilty for not leaving a great review for this product every time I come to JED.

Christopher, Thanks for such a great product!

Should be Editors choice!
bympf101112, June 5, 2010
This component is simply outstanding! I have been playing with this component for about a week now and have replaced all other components in my website except for nbill. In short when you compare with other CCK's the only disadvantage I can see is no front end access but Yootheme states this up front so I'm not sure why anyone would complain. ZOO combined with ZOO tools (ZOO Tools is part of the paid subscription) will eliminate a ton of other components and they work seamlessly together. I highly recommend ZOO and yes it is worth the money if it will meet your needs. The documentation is some of the best documentation I have seen. It covers all the options very clear. I was in dumb mode and posted a question on their forum and after two exchanges Yootheme fixed it for me. All in all I'm extremely happy with this purchase. If you're not the expert coder like me. This is the way go. This is some of the best money I have invested!!!
bympf101112, July 12, 2008
The site is in German but you can figure it out. The main problem is that you can only select Euro and not dollars.... This component would have been great perfect for my needs if it was in English.
Owner's reply

We do not understand what you mean. Please use our Hilfeforum for your questions because it is not correct what you writing. We do have english and german in our component. You only need to change the settings in joomla for the language and then you will have english version. Also you can set up dollar. If you have any problems with configuration use our Helpforum on our website.

Best regards
JoomShopping Team
MAXXmarketing GmbH