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bympw1950, January 23, 2013
Blank Module
I have it on all 5 sites I manage. It allows my to put all those bits of code and metadata I need to insert in one place. It means I do not need to customise templates etc and so makes site management so much easier. I was just checking it was available for Joomla 3 for my next site build.
bympw1950, December 3, 2012
mavik Thumbnails
I have used Mavik Thumbnails on several sites since Joomla 1.6 was launched and my previous choice if image resizer was not available for the 1.6.

After an easy setup it just works with no intervention. I do not give it a thought from one month to the next; as a sites manager I could not ask for more. There are some tweaks that I would now like but they are just to make it better and even more flexible; that will be a separate email.