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bymr_egghead, October 28, 2009
WISroGIS Yahoo Weather
very nice and useful module. Has pretty much what you expect from it. No problems encountered so far.
bymr_egghead, October 28, 2009
Auction Factory
I bought several joomla extensions in the past years, had my good surprises and my bad surprises.
For this extension i had high hopes, and i wasn't let down. I had no bad surprises at all, and i can even say the support is better then the average support offered by developers (and i am not talking only joomla extensions).
The extension works as described and as expected, all questions and issues i encountered i submitted per support ticket system and got answered.
Mainly this is a mature, well programmed and structurated extension with a pretty active community on the forums and a working support team.
I sure hope that the extension gets ported to Joomla 1.6, since i plan to expand my site portfolio next year.

Thanks and Regards,