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bymralexstevens, April 19, 2013
This extension promised so much.

So I pulled out the wallet and gave some of my money, in return for 3 months support and an extension that offered a great deal. I was so happy, until I installed it and found that some of the backend refused to work and the Tumblr feed crashed my site.

I submitted a ticket for support, and after a very long wait (weeks) and update was given. Tumblr had been fixed (Hooorah!) but now YouTube had been broken (boooo!). So once again I returned to the support.

My 3 months of support is now closing tomorrow, and I have yet to have a working example of Lifestream on my Joomla site.

The last comment made by any Joomlashack representative was 9 weeks ago. Nothing short of despicable customer support that I would be embarrassed to associate my company with.

The current version of Lifestream DOES NOT work properly and there's no sign of this company doing anything about it. BUYERS BEWARE.