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bymrbiggles, October 1, 2012
WEBO Site SpeedUp
Paid over $2,000 over 2 months ago & still have not received a performance report promised to me on numerous occasions.

My front page disappears every 24 hours or so & I have to manually go in and refresh the cache.

Pages are just as slow if not slower to load than the ordinary cache that comes with Joomla.

All promised to be fixed over a month ago and there has been no activity at all since that time so I know nobody from the webo company has even looked at the problem.

Would really like to see a return on the investment but am starting to think the money was wasted.

So far for 2K I got the default install of the enterprise version of Webo with no specialist adjustments as promised.
Owner's reply

Hello. There are multiple SEO issues with website which prevents normal caching of home page (index.html replaces index.php, former is served w/o 404 headers). We are working on this issue not to damage overall caching system.
All the rest work with complete optimization package is done, website made faster about 3x.

bymrbiggles, March 30, 2012
Akeeba Backup
I am no expert on Joomla so I was quite worried about restoring a site I had spend a week or so working on.

The reason for the restore was we are hosting elswhere. We installed the Bitnami VM stack, gave Akeeba 777 permissions on the joomla directory and then let it do its thing.

5 mins later we are up and running.
The hardest part was changing SQL credentials & also an issue with a Rocket template we are using disliking "localhost" so we had to change it to and then it was fine.

Excellent product & excellent helpful support too.