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bymrboo, July 8, 2010
Marco's SQL Injection
The Concept Seems nice, there is a lot of front-end attacks, I hope this one prevents as much as it can.
Thanks a lot for keeping this plugin free on goodwill nature.

I will write a review again in the future to talk the success of the plugin.
bymrboo, July 7, 2010
I gotta say this, this is simply stunning module, installs and runs in seconds, from noobs to professionals everybody understands with ease.

5 Star rated module.

However I have a question, I use Japurity theme, and when trying a horizontal menu at the top, it displays a dot inbetween the menu words, is there a remedy for it.

Anyways thanks for the stunning module.
bymrboo, April 5, 2010
Art Total Menu Light
First let me thank the author for a fantastic mod.
I installed it and buff it ran to perferction, compared to other well know menus like superfish this is one is faster and well established and suits my site perfectly without any glitch.

However the simple menu style works perfectly, the IPod menu style is a bit slow and might irritate some, which can be worked on.

But saying all, the work is fantastic and authot deserve a 5 star rating. Keep up the good work.
bymrboo, March 16, 2010
My RSS Reader
Very nice component, does exactly what it says collection RSS Feeds from various sites and displays it as links or articles from our sites.

I used it on the test site and it worked without any hassle, and hence 5 stars for the work.

If you looking for improvements in the component, I would suggest to add nofollow option to the link of the RSS, by this way we dont lose our PR.

Good luck , love to see more work added on it.
Owner's reply

Hi mrboo,

Thank you for your review. I'm sorry but I don't understand very well the feature you would like to have in the component. Can you post a better explanation about your idea in the FalsinSoft web site forums?
Thank you

bymrboo, December 7, 2009
Ninja RSS Syndicator
The author of this Comp and mod has worked such a way that even a 3 year old will understand how to use it.

Very user friendly and the job it does is perfection to core.

This is certainly one of the best component for Joomla, cant beleive I didnt notice for such a long time.

Its time this component be added in popular list so that many will be aware of it, to all the newbies who havent tried this mark my words "you have missed a golden component".

Well done Creator, hope we see many such kinda module in other aspect of Joomla.
Owner's reply

Thanks Mrboo,

We appreciate the kind words. There is a shiny new version with lots of new features including a plugin system for adding extra fields to your RSS feeds.

Make sure you check it out!

bymrboo, September 22, 2009
Simply outstanding and a Must have Component for all joomla based sites.

Its like a one touch magic button, once installed it creates everything in a flash of second, all you have to do is copy the xml link generated in the preference section and paste it on tools for your site to be indexed by google quickly.
bymrboo, September 22, 2009
Mini FrontPage
This module is outstanding, impressed me on its first usage, cant believe it even had some negative ratings, for me its a 5 star module for too many reasons.

1]No coding skills required
2]Very simple to understand
3]performance is outstanding
4]Being a Module means we can use it more than once to display various categories and arrange them in order.

Simply an outstanding masterpiece for the module author, thanks for the work.

Improvement possibilities
One thing I would like to see in the future version of module is font size variation, so that I can use the module to more than one catagory in the same page and display them with various font size.