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bymrk, June 11, 2012
This is in reference to version 2.5.1, running on Joomla 2.5.4. At this point, I
wish I could provide this module a better
review as it seems to have great potential. But, the submit prayer request
does not seem to work when enabling recaptha. It always complains about the
code entered is incorrect. There is also
a NOAUTH error that seems to loop and
then just stops (thankfully, I guess)
The other concern (sorry guys) is the Forum should just as well be nonexistent. You can run through the
forum and pretty quickly find out that a)
questions are almost older than dirt,
and b) there are very few of the
questions that have replies to them. And
in the cases where there are replies, it
is usually one or 2 of them, and most
are replies are pleas for assistance with
no solutions provided.
Finally, if you are going to publish a
product, then give it some support, even
if that support is going to "YOUR" forums
once a week and responding to requests that have not been answered by the
forum community. People will spend a
lot time trying to get a module to work
if it even looks like it is worth a grain
of salt, just to have to give up on it
and move on to something less desirable
only because there is very little to NO
support for that module. : (
bymrk, May 7, 2011
Event Booking
If you are into setting up events of ANY sort, I would suggest you take a good long look at what Tuan and his team have done with this. There has been a lot of work put into this extension. It is EASY to set up, has a LOT of options/functionality.
Oh, and the support has always been spot on. Thanks guys, and I look forward to the next release of EB.