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bymrr2ro, September 7, 2012
The setup (Install and loading) of products is easy. There is a pay on delivery option which make is great when you do not need to have / need a payment gateway, in our case we used it for fund raising event were everything was handed out and collected payment manually.
It does everything you can imagine in regards to listing a product, details, categories, and overall easy to use. It has a nice printer friendly invoice and shipping slip.
HOWEVER, the reporting is severely lacking!
For this plug-in to be useful to you, you need to be best friends with a spread sheet application (excel or Calc)
It does not allow me to run reports, I basically have to copy the orders (ONE BY ONE) into excel so I can run reports on anything I need, the export to CSV option is a complete mess, it takes longer to make heads and tails of the export into excel than printing the invoices and retyping into excel – YES BUSSY WORK.
If you want to email customers, hickashop tries to email EVERYONE registered in your system, from the super admin down to the last registered user, not the users that bought items.
If you do not need reporting, this is a great solution; but if you would like to find out what where the most popular items of the month, or how many red trinkets where ordered, or how many green items size M you sold, or if you need to compare items sold vs. inventory – you are TOAST with this plug-in, there is no such thing.
You have to put all in excel, and built your pivot tables form there – ALL by Hand.

If reporting is not important to you and you just want to list an item and fulfill the order that you printed, then this is great.
If you want to run metrics on your shop and if you do want to do busy work and re-type all the orders by hand on excel, this I not for you.
Owner's reply


Thank you for your review.
You might have missed the reporting tool that is available in the commercial editions of HikaShop:
It can surely display most popular items and sales of categories of products and much more than that actually.
I invite you to try out all that on our demo website: