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bymrs.marijke, February 27, 2014
Event Gallery
First gallery I have come across that looks great. And apart from that also has lots of styling options. I use the latest version with the categories, love it!

But the thing that really makes it stand out is the support Sven gives, excellent!! A role model for other developers :-)
bymrs.marijke, October 24, 2013
Kunena Social Share
Plugin is fine, does the job. One let down is that you can't target the outer div of the css, cause there is no suffix box and nothing else unique about the code. In the plugin there is a css box, but when you want to give a the outer div a border in this box, all the divs will have a border, it's not possible to target the outer div of the plugin. I don't understand why the developers haven't given the outer div a unique class or at least put the suffix box in the plugin, both those things would have made the plugin a lot better in my view. Apart from that it works.
bymrs.marijke, December 21, 2010
I love it when an extension is simple and just works without fuzz. It has plenty of styling options for the text and it saved me from doing a lot of work. Thanks for this one!
bymrs.marijke, September 8, 2010
This was exactly what I needed, I love modules that work with existing stylesheets and simple settings. No fiddly stuff, it just works, thumbs up!
bymrs.marijke, February 22, 2010
MediaWiki Login
Does what it has to do which is keep joomla and mediawiki synchonised. I installed it after I tried other options, but this is the only one that works... (as mediawiki bridge)
bymrs.marijke, July 7, 2008
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While I like the stats bit of it very much I was not pleased with 1. the frontend icon and 2. the google ads in the backend.

1. Even when the icon is hidden it still takes space (in IE, not in FF) and I don't have any in my design.
2. The google ads are projected in an iframe comming from codegravity. I think this is right on the edge of acceptable. The corporate clients I work with are not happy with google ads in their admin.

The professionalism I hope to show my clients is under pressure with these two points. I wish the developers would have given people a choice in these matters.
But as I havent found another good stats component I am almost forced to use this one.
bymrs.marijke, January 23, 2007
Yes, I do think this is a lovely plugin. I have only just installed it and worked through info to see how it works, but allready this seems like a sensible tool!