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bymrsjprice, January 10, 2014
Shillo - Coming Soon!
The idea is good and I wanted to use it to show admins in the front end, items that need 'moderating'.

However I simply couldn't get it to work, it just doesn't show anything.

Also it displays my K2 categories in the joomla which isn't correct.

bymrsjprice, July 30, 2013
Social Backlinks
Really quick to instal and set up and I was ready to use within 15 minutes.

Does the job it says it does!
bymrsjprice, June 26, 2013
JE Partner Logo
My website has 15 categories which are sponsored by outside organisations.

I was in a dilemma has to how I could pay a token of appreciation for the sponsorships and promote them, without my website looking spammed by logos!

I stumbled accross the JE Partner Logo and I have to say it is just brilliant.

The slider of logos, just looks so sleek and professional.

The support from them has been quick and efficient :)
bymrsjprice, January 27, 2010
I have jfusion half working properly and quite frankly the support on their forum is really poor. When ever I go on there, there is only ever about 2 users on, no one answers my questions or helps me fix my problems. New or old.

I am now stuck with a half working jfusion... Great.
Owner's reply

Quite surprise by this review....

You have 6 threads, 32 posts and dozens of replies to your threads. Also specifically for you a fix was created and released in JFusion 1.2.4. In addition, I had on my todo list a special htaccess rule to create for you that allows auto rewriting of joomla urls to new urls with the joomla .html suffix mode enabled (joomla does not accept non-sef urls with .html suffix enabled).

I guess some people can't be pleased with "free beer" (GPL software) and will complain until they are drunk.

bymrsjprice, January 25, 2010
Excellent component, very easy to use and set up. Works like a charm and has added a great feature to my site, definetly worth the money which is practically peanuts.

Thank you!
bymrsjprice, January 24, 2010
Once you actually get the component work to, it works great. There are some flaws and some diffuculties.

There is NO obvious link to any demos on the author's website so I ended up buying blind and hoping. The documentation is very lacking, could ideally do with a step by step guide.

To be able to use redcompetition you need redform, surely the two should be intergrated or the redcompetition use details from joomla.

I have a few problems right now, waiting for help on the authors forum, I hope the outcome is good because once this is all working correctly it should be great.
Owner's reply

The point of having redCOMPETITION use redFORM is that the progress and features of redFORM will spread to redCOMPETITION naturally.

This means that with the last release of redFORM you can now charge for participation in competitions through paypal integration - This also means that with the coming redMEMBER component you can integrate competitions in your community system, with prefilled fields in redFORM for the user.

So by having multiple components that can be integrated we can offer alot more and alot smarter features then you would else be able to.

But we do agree it works great - and our documentation for redCOMPETITION could prolly be a bit more uptodate, but with the new line of instruction videos we are implementing soon (and which has allready been implemented for redFORM and redLIST) i am sure it will be a lot easyer to work with for first time users.

bymrsjprice, January 2, 2010
Joom Donation
This is the best donation feature I have come accross! Excellent tracking system in the ACP of donations made and the option to export the donations data into excel.

There were a few bugs after I installed but I highlighted them and the author fixed them himself on my server very quikcly, which is excellent support as far as I am concerned!

Excellent component, great work!