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bymrsorpresa2, October 7, 2012
Sot Category List For Virtuemart
I´ve paid for this extension, and this is what I found:

-"Discounted price" option doesn´t work.
-The category link option doesn´t work (actually I touched the code to delete this option because the category name links to a wrong page)
-The image resize distort the original format, and isn´t posible to set one dimension (height o width) as relative value.
-"Featured Products Only" doesn´t work
-"Keep HTML of Description" doesn´t work.

Moreover, tech support is very bad, rather there ... Just a forum where you can put your questions, and take forever to answer, I do not have solved anything, and have not given me any explanation.

Very unprofessional.
bymrsorpresa2, July 4, 2010
This extension allow to create listings and show in a friendly and smart presentation, ordering by whatever field the user want, and including search option, or search by collection or by defined list. Very customizable, you can select witch fields will be showed in the listing mode, or in item details. Moreover, this extension allow to submit listings by frontend in the newest version! I only hope in the future they may include the possibility to edit and delete items by frontend, then I will say this extension its simply perfect.

(sorry my bad english)