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bymrsultan, March 14, 2013
Ozio Gallery
nice but..
nice looking gallery, easy to set up.
- after i edit a photo in g+ it's not showing up in the gallery anymore
- auto resize: it just keeps the width of the gallery fix, so vertical photos will be displayed as extra large, instead of keeping the height fix. not good
- album list doesn't show up
Owner's reply

you wrote falsity and I hope you can take the risks of this.
- If you edit a photo in g+ you can see the photo in the gallery after two minutes.
- If you do not like the fantastic auto adaptive resize system, it is your opinion, not our mistake.
- Album list show up, you can see it in the demo site.

bymrsultan, December 21, 2012
Facebook Like Button
Easy to set up, works fine,
i really like the "own url" function.
Only thing is that the comment boxes are hiding under another menu i have below, even when i turn on the z-index feature.
Set it to a higher value in the mod_php, didn't help.
bymrsultan, September 30, 2012
quick and easy to install,
wanted to use it for a photoset containing almost 300 pictures with joomla pagination,
but if i use feed=photoset, photoset_id=..., and page=1(2,3...) perpage=10 ,
the gallery always loads the first 10 pictures of the set on all pages, not the 2nd, 3rd 10...

also in global parameters if i choose default feed other than "search" and save it, it just switches back to search.