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bymruthco, November 15, 2007
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I finally got this extension because everyone rants and raves about it. From the back end, it's very easy to install and work with. It's much nicer to work in than the other editors.

But then go to your front end and see how your articles have been trashed. I have slash marks and other weird formatting in content where none existed before. Every time I delete them, they re-appear in a few minutes.

Formatting from Word is completely ignored.

But worst of all, the plugins I was using (like tabs and slides in content or video streaming) in my articles are ignored and disabled and I'm spending my entire day uninstalling mambots and plugins, finding those zipped files again and reinstalling them after I've uninstalled JCE. All the while, my e-zine looks like crap on the front end, I keep getting visitors to my website.

This is taking all day, but I thought I'd pause to warn others . . . .don't waste your time with this extension.
Owner's reply

Have you posted on in the forum about any of your problems?

bymruthco, September 15, 2007
after looking at several options, this is the only way that i could get video to play on my website. it's great, as are your other plugins (like slides in content).

my only request is that you make some sort of video library or index plugin or module to go along with this so i can have a page dedicated to my videos!

thanks :)