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bymsr042377, November 8, 2011
Simple File Upload
This is a great extension, and does exactly what it says it does. It has a simple front-end, and a enough options on the back-end to make it useful and secure. Also, as stated many times in other reviews, the tech support (Anders) is excellent with a good response time and knowledgeable answers. I had a little difficulty getting it installed and working, however the problems were on my end and Anders was able to quickly provide help. I would easily recommend this extension to anyone who needs visitors to upload files to their website.

That being said, when I first installed the mod, it didn't work at all. Turns out this was caused by wrong file permissions in the mod folder. Not sure how this happened, but Anders was able to quickly get to the bottom of this. The second issue was that uploads would seem to fail, or time-out with no warning. Once again, Anders was able to show me that it was due to a configuration problem with the PHP.INI (Problem on my end, not the SFU mod. My uploads were limited to 8MB.) Once I corrected the PHP.INI, the uploads (and multiple uploads) worked fine.