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bymstein, June 25, 2010
Pro Image Flow
This is a great product -- easy to set up, and provides great visual "pizazz" to our websites. Very unique compared to the other offerings out there. With the automatic reflections and the flowing images, the possibilities for dressing up your website are endless.

We did run into one problem today when copying our website to a new hosting provider. But the support from ProJoom was very prompt, friendly, and effective. We quickly worked through the issues and now things are up and running just great.

I highly recommend this product and company.
ARI Pretty Photo
Downloaded Pretty Photo last night. Really liked the product. Very easy to install and use and I really like the functionality of the product.

But I had a problem -- this extension conflicted with another one we were using (standard JQuery type conflict.) Bummer.

BUT -- Ari-Soft replied with very fast support, helped me quickly resolve this problem, and now life is good! So we are using this Ari-Soft product and will now look to make sure of others as well.

Bottom line: GREAT product, GREAT support, and we are very pleased on our early experience. I highly recommend this.