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bymstudio, November 28, 2012
Awesome app for enhancing JomSocial events. Allows users to charge for tickets to their event.

I had a custom template issue and tech support was efficient and got the issue resolved in a timely manner.
bymstudio, September 17, 2012
Nice little plugin and works just as it says. The only thing that hold me back from giving it max stars is Tech support, and a lack of documentation. I submitted a couple questions and oped a ticket 4 days later - still no answer to my simple questions.
Owner's reply

Hello mstudio,
where have you logged your support request ? Note that Techjoomla has taken over these extensions now & you are expected to log tickets at the Techjoomla site. If you have logged an issue at the old owners, CorePHP then you will not get a response..

bymstudio, November 20, 2011
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En Masse
With the exception of some inconvenient issues. This component has some great potential. Pros easy to set up and get around. Cons those issues I mentioned.

The sign up login for new users doesn't seems to work for me. Enter info and it just sits there staring empty back at you.

The other issue was on check out. En Masse does very well when it has only one item to total. But if your end users want to buy multiple coupons in one transaction then watch out for the check out to inflate the total. Example: Say a coupon is $5 and your end user orders 5, total is $25 check out and the total of $25 gets multiplied by the number of items again.

I have submitted a ticket, but my confidence in getting it resolved is not high, as the answer to resolving the sign up issue was "you can use En Masse without the need to use the sign up :-/

As pricy as this commercial Extension is, it should be better supported, have a searchable forum for finding answers on your own, and better documentation. Users such as myself have no problem looking and helping one another out.

I'd even be okay to set 1 transaction to 1 coupon,but would prefer it to work correctly or as configured.
Owner's reply

Hi Sir,

Thanks for your comment. For us, we provide the support through our support ticket and the forum is not supported by the technical team.

We need to provide support and complete documentation to users who pay for subscription.

For your issue you mentioned is on our beta version and our stable version, the issue is resolved in the latest version.