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bymtlj, August 29, 2011
A definite thumb up for design and implementation. It's really a matter of just a few minutes and a few clicks to get it customized and run smoothly on the site.

Best of all it's mootools-based, which is already included in any Joomla! site.

A very big thank you!
bymtlj, August 26, 2011
Redirect Failed Login
I needed to redirect the failed logins on the same page in order to give them a chance to retry.

Although the plugin does not do that our of the box, it was easy to change its behaviour this way if the failed login URL is left empty in the configuration.

I also applied the change mentioned below to display the failed login message as a Joomla! standard error message.

I'll submit the changes to the developer for review.
bymtlj, June 7, 2011
Advanced Module Manager
I find it very useful to level some edges of Joomla! core and extensions. It really speeds up the development by cutting the time to look for and try workarounds.

Highly recommended for beginners and advanced alike.