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bymtspinto, September 15, 2012
Pop any Module
Evaluation of the extension:
Does what it says... Modal window pop-up of any module based on ID via a syntax code, or using their module.

Documentation on website is a bit vague in terms of using the plugin but was submitted when it was purchased.

Ease of usage and deployment:
Easy to install and super simple to add the links. Worked first time without any issues.

Initially found it lacking in terms of specifying the size of the modal window via plugin syntax and requested assistance. They suggested using the module which would have been fine had I not had over 30 forms and other modules to 'pop-up'.

Level of support received:
Their support team is fantastic and even modified the plugin to add that feature. They respond in less than 10 minutes (if not sooner) and were professional and cou

Definitely worth the price!!!