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Mailchimp is hands down a great tool.

But being able to show clients that you can utilize their website to bring in more subscribers to their newsletter is a SALES TOOL.

A website is not just for the sake of technology, but to bring site visitors into closer contact with the publishers of that information (i.e. YOUR CLIENT)

Plus, upselling MailChimp either through affiliation or through design services adds to your income stream.


THis is not a complaint but don't forget- This module requires your mailchip password to access the Mailchimp API. If you or your client forget the password and change it on the MCsite- the module will error out.

Took me an hour to figure THAT one out...!
bymttorley, January 31, 2010

THIS WORKS. I only suggest that you include the specific .htaccess lines into the component descriptor so that a developer can access them quickly, and also include a few more example redirects- all this information I found in the forum- but was crucial for me to utlize. I am guessing you'd save a lot of newbies necks out there if its a lot more accessible.
bymttorley, September 22, 2009
KA Facebook Like Box
This is my first review, ever.
I couldn't be more pleased as to how simple adding a social component to my customers sites has become. Shhhh, don't tell too many people about this one! ha!