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bymuddauber, September 29, 2014
JO Facebook Wall
Extension worked as advertised without a glidge. Excellent program with good functionality.
bymuddauber, September 2, 2013
This product worked very well with my Joomla 2.5.6 install. I had little trouble embedding Picasa/Google+ and Flickr slides into my art gallery site. Right up there with the best slideshow/gallery extensions. ( I have a few things on my wish list, which I hope they will implement in the future)
bymuddauber, February 12, 2012
Latest News Enhanced
Very good module for enhancing Latest News.Creates a Yahoo-like news intro with resized thumbnail. Works on 1.5., 1.6 and 1.7. Had a few problems running this along with other latest news modules on same page using {loadposition....) but other than that, a fine Latest News extension
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the review, it is really appreciated.

bymuddauber, August 16, 2011
Great modules. Does all that it claims to do. Only problem was with IE8. Popups don't work. Works find with Firefox, Chrome, Safari. I was told by developer that it works on IE9. Developer even added a fix for Joomla 1.5 flaw regarding popup. Keep up the great work!!
bymuddauber, August 16, 2011
Latest News+ Date
Great little mod! I embedded it in some content area, butit would only display image and intro text to one article, with links to follow on other article. If it could add thumbnail and intro text to a set number of articles it would be an top ace module.
bymuddauber, August 12, 2011
Post by Email
I would like to work with this extension but can't get any reply or input via forum or email contact to determine how it manages unsolicited email to account, which loads all content. Hopefully we'll get some feedback. The email is an important issue.
Owner's reply

We answer of all questions in our support forum, but question about this is not received. You can post Your questions in support forum here:

About unsolicited email: extension can work with many email boxes. If you want to post only your own content, use secret name for mail box that is not known from another person. This work in exact way in wordpress and any other cms supporting post by email. Instead of this Your idea to import emails only from certain authors is good and will be included in next version.

bymuddauber, August 14, 2009
I hunted down JIncludes when looking for a replacement for my many references to dates, fees, stages, and other details that appear many times on my sites. JIncludes worked "right out of the box" with no problems on my current 1.5.14 install. Rating as excellent and highly useful.

I'm in the habit of making a small donation on any module or plugin I find useful and has saved me hours or time. Couldn't find anything for Andrea, so I owe him a dinner.