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bymudotmy, October 27, 2014
No list all categories menu. You only have option to list one category or one file.
bymudotmy, January 15, 2014
Purchased pro version.
Excellent work!
bymudotmy, August 19, 2013
JS Flexslider
Good extension. But lack of 'select folder as a source' option!
Consider to have this feature.
With this extension, you can select up to 21 images only.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.
I think 21 pictures is sufficient. And you must select the images one by one because for each of them, you can add a text, a link and an ALT tag. It's not possible if you select only an image folder and the ALT tag is very important.

bymudotmy, August 18, 2013
Lof Mega Folio for K2
I purchased this and found it is poorly written.

1. The ordering not working properly.
2. When you choose random page effects, the height is not sustained.
3. Some features hardcoded like date control etc.

I contacted the developer few times and they said they will improve it.

Do add hover effects as well.

useless until ordering issues and height bugs fixed.
bymudotmy, April 10, 2013
Authentication - EMail
Bravo Developer!
Good free extension while others selling it.
bymudotmy, April 5, 2013
JXTC Weblinks Plus Pro
Do not purchase this component based on its demo.
The demo page is totally misleading.

You wont get anything nicer but a plain static web directory something like built it weblink component in Joomla 1.5
Owner's reply


What you are seeing in the demo is the MODULE and the settings the MODULE CAN DO.

The Component itself can do Grid or List view of the Layout.

bymudotmy, March 28, 2013
Featured YouTube Slider
Good alternative for some commercial extension available. I used one of the commercial extension but I feel that this one even easier to get job done!

I hope you will add more features such as autoplay... videos inline auto slide...

Keep up good work!
bymudotmy, July 29, 2012
Very Simple Image Rotator
I will not recommend this extension because it does not have 'Keep Aspect Ratio' option. You can't expect all images in a directory comes in same size.. Some smaller images will be displayed in a odd manner. Especially when using to display logos.

Consider that for next version.
bymudotmy, April 21, 2012
Featured Categories
Great Module.

Well presentable with a little additional CSS in mod_featcats.css.

However if the category title is linked by default. Please add parameter to off this in the next version.


bymudotmy, November 26, 2011
1. We like the concept of this extension which is similar to Yahoo Answers.

2. However, without support what is the purpose of paid subscription? We purchase and installed and it wasn't work as it should.

3. There is no documentation at all (such a lazy business).

4. We submited support ticket on working day. It has been 4 days still no answer!

5. You can read a lot of bad comments even in the forums.

I will not recommend this extension at all.

No Support, No documentation, No forum moderator/admin.
Owner's reply


2) The errors, as we have replied, were not errors. You did not translate the language file properly, which is why you see untranslated strings on your site, like PI_FP_FRONTPAGE_DESCRIPTION.

3) Yes there's documentation. It's on the website A file install.txt is also provided in the package.

4) You submitted the ticket on Thursday. It was Thanksgiving, which was a public holiday. We replied on Sunday 3 o'clock *in the morning*. I think that's some support.

5) We do not use the forum for support, because it's very time consuming and sometimes users post information that should be private. There is a dedicated support ticket system.

Again, as we have replied, you posted your ticket on a public holiday. People do take a rest on holidays.

bymudotmy, November 9, 2011
Such a great work from Joomdle Developers.

However, Joomdle for Joomla! 1.7 has some bugs and limited functionality. I hope will have new version available soon.


bymudotmy, September 3, 2011
Not working on joomla 1.7.
various bugs.